Explore channels, topics, and stories in News on Mac

Apple News collects and organizes stories from a wide range of publications (calledchannels) and topics. It’s easy to explore what’s there and find the sources and stories that interest you—from breaking news to travel videos to summer recipes.

Explore channels, topics, and stories in News on Mac

Note:Apple News and Apple News+ aren’t available in all countries or regions. See the Apple Support article Availability of Apple Media Services .

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  1. In the News appExplore channels, topics, and stories in News on Macon your Mac, click an item in the sidebar.

    If the sidebar isn’t shown, clickExplore channels, topics, and stories in News on Macin the toolbar.

    In addition to quick access to stories you saved and your reading history, the sidebar includes the following:

    • Today, which presents top stories selected by Apple News editors and stories from the channels and topics you follow . In some countries or regions, the Today feed can include local news, featuring curated and personalized local stories and weather reports based on your location.

      If you subscribe to Apple News+ , the Today feed also includes My Magazines, which shows issues from magazines you follow.

    • News+, which presents hundreds of magazines, popular newspapers, and other publications available from Apple News+ . If you’re a subscriber, you can browse recent issues, download issues, click a publication to read it, and more. If you don’t subscribe yet, you can browse publications and headlines.

    • Shared with You, which shows stories that others have shared with you using the Messages app, so it’s easy to find and read them in one location.

    • Favorites, which shows the channels and topics from your Following list that you like best (you can have only a limited number of Favorites). You may already have some channels and topics that have been automatically added to Favorites, but you can customize this list at any time.

    • Following, which lists the channels and topics you follow. This section also includes Apple News Spotlight, which showcases coverage of special events and content selected by Apple News editors.

    • Suggested, which lists channels and topics suggested by Siri or—if you chose not to have Siri suggest items —by your actions in Apple News. For example, whether you follow or block channels and topics, or ask for more or fewer suggestions similar to a story you’re reading. In some countries or regions, local news may be suggested based on your location.

    If a channel or topic you expected isn’t shown, use the search field at the top of the sidebar to search Apple News , or choose File > Discover Channels.

  2. On the right, browse stories or the News+ Library.

    When you browse Top Stories and other areas that feature stories curated by Apple News editors, stories from channels you blocked show a gray headline and a message indicating that you blocked the channel. See Block and unblock channels and topics .

  3. Click a story to read it or, in the News+ Library, click a publication to explore issues and stories.

    As you read a story, you can do any of the following:

    • Watch videos , ask to show more or fewer stories like it , share it with others, or save it to read later.

    • Move to the next or previous story by pressing the Right Arrow or Left Arrow key.

    • Go directly to the story’s channel—just click the Share buttonExplore channels, topics, and stories in News on Macin the toolbar, then choose Go to Channel.

You can set an option in News settings for the Today and other feeds to show only stories from the channels you follow.

Tip:You can stop some channels and topics—such as Travel or Food—from being suggested in the Today feed. Next to the item in the feed, click the More buttonExplore channels, topics, and stories in News on Mac, then choose Stop Suggesting. If you change your mind and want Apple News to suggest the channel or topic again, search for it, then follow it.